What I offer is unique. I’m not someone who provides a few spanks or a little bit of control on top of sex. For me, sex is BDSM and BDSM is sex you can’t have one without the other.

I relish every stroke of the cane be it receiving it or dishing it out, I relish the filthy taboo roleplays, and the things that make the ‘normals’ shudder in fear. They are what I find arousing and what leads to sex for me – I hope they do for you too!

Being a switch gives me enormous flexibility, as well as a deep understanding of both dominant and submissive desires. My kinks are very varied, and I can count on one hand, the times I’ve said no to someone’s fantasies! Let me be the one to unlock all those hidden fetishes and perverted little moments.  

As someone involved in the public BDSM scene, I’ve taught many workshops and training sessions. If you’re new and nervous, either as a Dominant or submissive, don’t fear. I can plan with you and help you through your first kinky experiences, and I love helping people uncover their kinks!